Global Networks

Australia Wide Network

In 1995 SOS set up an Australia wide network of digital printing companies, initially for the just in time production of training materials. This distribute and print network provides print on demand services in all capital cities. Documents are kept up to date and managed in a central, secure file library and accessed as required.

This way files for exactly the right number of participants can be printed in Perth the night before the seminar.

Distribute and print can be the ideal way to produce frequently changing materials just in time, avoiding transport charges and costly waste.

World Wide Network

For the production of financial research reports SOS is part of a worldwide network of printers, providing simultaneous production of reports and other time critical documents in North America, Europe, South Africa, Asia as well as Melbourne and Sydney.

The workflow for some of these documents is truly global: They may be written in Sydney in the early evening, sent to London for revision, legal checked in New York, sent to India for layout and then transferred to the SOS servers at midnight for production and distribution before 7 am.

SOS has been producing documents within this distribute-and-print workflow every night for more than two decades, providing a reliable global publishing solution.

These long lasting global partnerships enable us to print reliably around the world for our Australian customers.