Environmental Policies and Initiatives

SOS recognise the responsibility that comes with being a major user of resources and have implemented numerous initiatives towards ensuring minimal impact on the environment, contributing to a sustainable industry.

Certifications and Accreditations:
  • SOS is certified to ISO 14001 and is audited regularly.
  • SOS is accredited by several international organisations.
SOS has implemented a number of other initiatives to minimize its use of energy and any negative impact on the environment:
  • SOS was the first large scale installation of LED lighting in a manufacturing environment in Australia. Replacing all the fluorescent light tubes with LED lights in our factory was an investment, which reduced power consumption by approximately 30%. It also has produced a large number of carbon credits (149 tonnes of CO2 emissions saved per annum).
  • A power factor correction device averages and reduces power usage of the factory.
  • The SOS factory roof has been coated by absorbent material to minimize heat inside the factory and reduce energy requirements.
  • SOS uses vegetable based inks. This means reduced consumption of non renewable sources as well as easier recycling by facilitating the de-inking of paper.
SOS has always recycled consumables and equipment where possible:
  • Paper is recycled through regular pickups by an external contractor. This includes off cuts, waste etc.
  • Plates are recycled through daily pickups of an external contractor.
  • Other consumables such as toner, toner cartridges and inks are recycled weekly. In the last couple of years we have recycled over 7 tons of cartridges and other consumables from our digital production area.

SOS will continue to work with suppliers and customers to minimise impact on the environment.