Quality Accreditations

SOS is quality assured to ANZ 9001/2. Documentation is available on request.

colour certificationSOS is colour certified to ISO 12674-2. This colour certification means that SOS’s customers can benefit from fast, consistent, predictable colour reproduction via measurable standards from prepress through to print room.

To be able to capture and act upon quality issues in a timely manner, SOS operates an online corrective action reporting (CAR) system. This system is used to log incidents, errors, system failures and omissions. Logged reports are dealt with by the appropriate departmental manager within 48 hours. All reports are also dealt with in regular management meetings where measures and possible system adjustments are discussed. However, when issues occur, the first and most important point addressed is the alleviation of any negative outcomes for our customer.

SOS also has customised checklists in all areas of production which are used to check jobs with different requirements. This has proven an important consideration; a colour magazine requires a different checklist to a trade book and a universal checklist may contain too many superfluous checkpoints and is bound to be ineffective.

Quality Audits

To retain its QA Certification, SOS is audited on an annual basis by SGS Quality Services with a major audit completed every three years. SOS is also audited on a regular basis by some of its key customers.