Do you see what I see?

Colour is a subjective perception that varies between light conditions, context and most of all: people. Colour is all around us, it affects our feelings, signals danger and highlights important things. Often a rough description is sufficient: Water is blue, fire is red, grass is green. But as soon as you need to get more […]

Ocean Media and SOS Win Magazine Award at the 2012 Galley Club Gala Dinner

Publisher Anthony Twibil and SOS sales manager Kelly Bourke receive the award from MC Jean Kittson. The 36th Galley Club Awards for Excellence were held on the 19th of October in Sydney and Ocean Magazine won top honors in the magazine category. Judges voted the magazine best for design, print, binding and overall production. Galleyclub […]

SOS is Colour Certified

The SOS Print + Media Group has proudly received its ISO ANZ certificate. ISO 12647 certification is fast becoming the world wide benchmark for colour printing and SOS has worked with Kayell Australia to achieve it: The SOS prepress department has been trained on the ISO ICC techniques that are assessed by Fogra for 12647-2 SOS can produce […]