Direct Mail Stands Out

In some marketing departments, Printed Direct Mail hasn’t got the best reputation: it is old school mass production, environmentally unsound, too hard to measure results, in short: junk mail. But that’s not necessarily a realistic perception. Many studies show how the impact of well-planned direct mail campaigns exceeds electronic direct mail that is often discarded before reaching the […]

Custom Bar Tables for $199

Custom made furniture does not have to be expensive! With our large format inkjets we are able to print on almost any material: wood, glas, metal, plastics and, of course, boards. Xboard is a natural fibre based composite board consisting of a recycled kraft core sandwiched between printable white liners. It is recyclable, very durable, […]

The death and birth of print magazines

There has been news in the last months about magazine volumes dropping in 2015, often in double digit numbers, and the debate about the pros and cons of printed mags vs blogs is as lively as ever. Some former mass magazines are shutting down completely, like Cleo. Others continue in reduced volumes with smaller readership, or as high quality […]

Silver Bullet at SOS

Another equipment upgrade this month sees a brand new Xerox 1000i move into the SOS digital centre. A fast press printing at the highest quality on a wide variety of stocks, sure. But this one can do more: Silver, gold and clear toner can glorify your documents. With these special toners we can achieve extraordinary […]

SOS refreshes digital fleet

SOS Print + Media Group has made some further significant investments into digital printing technology by refreshing its digital fleet with an Igen 150 and two Versants 2100. These new machines with built-in finishing add capacity to keep up with growing volume of on demand high quality digital colour products. The SOS digital print centre is […]

SOS Print + Media invests in Fuji Xerox 2800 Inkjet Press

SOS Print + Media invests in Fuji Xerox 2800 Inkjet Press for high speed colour production Sydney, Monday 22 July, 2013 — Leading Sydney printing and communications company, SOS Print + Media, has invested in a Fuji Xerox 2800 Inkjet Press to address the burgeoning market in high-quality, full-colour digital print. The new Fuji Xerox […]


Digital printing has been around for a while, but so far there have hardly been any formal training courses concluding with recognised certifications for digital operators. Digital operators were used to “Learn on the job” and while they acquired many skills, they usually lacked the opportunities of certification and recognition of their colleagues in offset […]

POD changes what we can do with books

Adrienne Salley has a passion for stories and books but felt that a lot of good writing never got published. Last week she launched ACE Press, a small publishing company, initially with five titles. This venture was made possible by Print on Demand, allowing small print runs to produce just the quantity needed and timely re-prints […]

Random House launches POD program

Random House Australia (RHA) has launched a print on demand (POD) program that will allow it to produce single copies of out-of-print titles. The program, which has been 18 months in the planning, is in partnership with Sydney-based SOS Print+Media and will cover out-of-print in-copyright Random House titles that sell nine or less copies per […]

SOS sets record for OCE printer

New South Wales printer SOS Print + Media Group in Alexandria has become only the third printer in the world and the only one in Australia to register 100 million impressions on its Océ VarioPrint 6250 duplex digital printer. Clocking in at more than 136,000 impressions per day, including weekends and public holidays, the record […]